Custom Pen Stand with Miniature - PM170

Rs. 699.00

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Material : MDF/Acrylic

Size : 5x3 Inches

Utility : Stationary Holder With Caricature

Input : Face Image only

Attire will be used according to picture Without Preview

    1. Premium MDF Construction:

      • The pen stand is meticulously crafted from high-quality Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), known for its durability and smooth finish.
      • MDF provides a sturdy and stable base for the pen stand, ensuring it withstands daily use in the office environment.
    2. Sublimation Printing Technique:

      • Customize the pen stand with vibrant and detailed designs using sublimation printing.
      • Sublimation printing allows for full-color, high-resolution graphics to be transferred onto the surface of the MDF, resulting in crisp and long-lasting images.
    3. Endless Design Possibilities:

      • With sublimation printing, the design options are virtually limitless.
      • Create custom designs, patterns, logos, or images that reflect your company's branding, values, or specific event themes.
    4. Magnetic Base Miniature:

      • Enhance the pen stand with a magnetic base miniature, adding an interactive and decorative element to the design.
      • Miniatures can include iconic landmarks, corporate mascots, or symbolic representations of your brand, serving as conversation starters in the office.
    5. Personalization Options:

      • Make each pen stand unique by personalizing it with individual Miniature
      • Personalization adds a thoughtful touch and makes the gift more memorable and meaningful to recipients.