Executive 6 in 1 Set - PM 258

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  1. Metal Pen
  2. Pen Drive
  3. Card Holder
  4. Premium Notebook
  5. 500ml Bottle
  6. Wireless Mouse

Comes with Box & Carry Bag

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  1. Premium Quality Metal Pen:

    • Crafted from top-grade metal materials, the pen epitomizes durability, elegance, and professionalism.
    • Its sleek design and smooth finish make it a sophisticated accessory for any workspace or personal collection.
    • With a comfortable grip and consistent ink flow, the pen ensures a pleasant writing experience, ideal for daily use in professional or personal settings.
  2. Premium Notebook:

    • The premium notebook boasts superior-quality materials, featuring a sturdy cover and high-grade paper.
    • Its refined appearance and exceptional craftsmanship make it a stylish and functional accessory for note-taking, journaling, or sketching.
    • Offering ample space for writing, drawing, or brainstorming, the notebook provides users with a versatile and customizable platform for creativity and organization.
  3. Premium Quality Mouse:

    • The mouse is designed with precision and functionality, offering smooth navigation and ergonomic comfort.
    • Its sleek and modern design enhances the aesthetics of any workspace while providing users with efficient and precise cursor control.
    • Customized Pen Drive:

      • The pen drive is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring reliability, security, and storage efficiency.
      • Its compact design and customizable features make it a convenient and practical accessory for storing and transferring digital files.
    • Sleek Metal Card Holder:

      • The metal card holder is crafted from high-quality materials, offering durability, elegance, and functionality.
      • Its slim and compact design makes it an ideal accessory for organizing business cards, credit cards, or IDs in a professional and organized manner.
      • Personalized with your company's logo, slogan, or brand imagery, the card holder serves as a distinctive and practical gift that promotes brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression.
    • Customized Bottle:

      • The customized bottle is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability, safety, and style.
      • Its sleek design and customizable features make it an attractive and practical accessory for staying hydrated on the go.
      • Personalized with your company's logo, slogan, or brand imagery, the bottle serves as a unique and memorable gift that promotes brand recognition and reinforces brand loyalty.